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Penguin Computing Offers Intel Xeon Scalable Processor for its On-Demand HPC Cloud

Penguin Computing has announced that more than 11,500 cores of the latest Intel Xeon Scalable processor (codenamed: Skylake-SP) will be available in December 2017 on Penguin Computing On-Demand (POD) HPC cloud. The new POD HPC cloud compute resources use Intel Xeon Gold 6148 processors, a cluster-wide Intel Omni-Path Architecture low-latency fabri c and are integrated with Penguin Computing Scyld Cloud Workstation for web-based, remote desktop access into the public HPC cloud service.

“The latest Intel Xeon Scalable processor expansion will provide an ideal compute environment for MPI workloads that can leverage thousands of cores for computation,” says Victor Gregorio, Senior Vice President, Cloud Services, Penguin Computing.

“Intel offers a balanced portfolio of HPC optimized components like the Intel Xeon Scalable processor and Intel Omni-Path Architecture, which provides the foundation for researchers and innovators to drive new discoveries and build new products faster than ever before,” says Trish Damkroger, vice president of technical computing at Intel.

The Intel Xeon Scalable processor reportedly provides a unified stack optimized for key workloads including data analytics, and integrated technologies including networking, acceleration and storage. The processor’s performance is realized through innovations including Intel AVX-512 extensions that can deliver up to 2x FLOPS per clock cycle. Along with  acceleration refinements, the new processor offers integrated 100 Gb/s Intel Omni-Path Architecture fabric options.

For more info, visit Penguin Computing.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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