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PGI Compilers Now Available on Cray CX Supercomputers

By DE Editors

The Portland Group has announced an agreement under which Cray Inc. will resell PGI optimizing Fortran, C, and C++ compilers and development tools with the Cray CX1 line of deskside supercomputers and the Cray CX1000 line of rack mount supercomputers. 

The PGI compilers and tools are used to create and run high-performance computing applications for complex modeling and simulations. PGI compilers and tools support the latest 64-bit processors from AMD and Intel as well as CUDA-enabled GPU accelerators from NVIDIA running under both Linux and Microsoft Windows.

Cray has offered PGI compilers with its scalable supercomputers since 2004, and PGI compilers are installed on nearly all Cray XT systems worldwide. These same PGI compilers will now be available for purchase directly from Cray for use on its Intel Xeon processor-based Cray CX1 and CX1000 systems running either Linux or Windows HPC Server 2008. In addition, the PGI compilers for the Cray CX line will include the new PGI Accelerator features for NVIDIA GPUs, as well as the PGDBG OpenMP/MPI graphical debugger and PGPROF OpenMP/MPI graphical parallel performance profiling tools.

The PGI compiler suite includes the PGFORTRAN, PGCC, and PGC++ compilers for the Fortran 95/03, C, and C++ programming languages, respectively. PGI compilers and tools feature native support for OpenMP parallel programming extensions in Fortran, C, and C++, full support for 64-bit addressing, native integrated scalar and vector SSE and AVX code generation, directive-based x64+GPU programming, CUDA Fortran extensions for NVIDIA GPUs, and a bundled version of the ACML 4.4 library of optimized numeric functions for mathematical, engineering, scientific, and financial applications.

For more information, visit The Portland Group.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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