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Phoenix Integration PHX ModelCenter Webinar

By Anthony J. Lockwood

Dear Desktop Engineering Reader:

PHX ModelCenter process integration and design optimization software from Phoenix Integration is one of those solutions that has quietly become a leader in its class. The brief sketch is that PHX ModelCenter is a visual environment and data exploration tool chest that enables design teams to explore and optimize designs without focusing on running applications and converting data from one application to the next. But that’s too sketchy a brief.

What designers and design teams do with PHX ModelCenter is link engineering design and simulation applications into an integrated, multidisciplinary workflow. Data passes from application to application and task to task in user-designed dynamic sequences " yes, it automates data translations. This means processes and results move along efficiently, which enables you to quickly run multiple trade studies of a design under development where you can find design weaknesses, eliminate unnecessary or excessive costs, and create more robust designs.

But PHX ModelCenter does more than facilitate interaction between multiple CAE, MCAD, and visualization applications. It is a CAE application. It has design exploration tools for performing parametric studies and optimizations, running design of experiments and probabilistics, and so on. It has a toolkit for linking in your in-house algorithms and plug-ins for third-party applications ranging from NX to Vanderplaats’ DOT Optimizer. Not only can you perform complex analyses, you can view geometry and key information for design alternatives, compare designs side-by-side, share data with collaborators, generate comprehensive reports, and capture and manage data for later reuse.

Again, this is all too brief a description. What I recommend is that you put aside an hour on Tuesday June 30 " a week from today " and check out a live webinar on PHX ModelCenter for yourself. (There are two presentation times.) This interactive webinar will show you everything from running trade studies to building models to producing analysis reports. Click here for the full webinar agenda or here to register now. (Phoenix Integration also maintains an on-demand library of previous webinars if you cannot make this one. Click here to see what’s available.)

PHX ModelCenter is something that can change your product development process for the better. This webinar is a great opportunity to check out what PHX ModelCenter can do for you.

Thanks, Pal " Lockwood

Anthony J. Lockwood
Editor at Large, Desktop Engineering Magazine

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