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Pick of the Week: ESTECO Releases modeFRONTIER 4.5

ESTECO SpA (Trieste, Italy, and Novi, MI) recently announced the release of modeFRONTIER 4.5, the newest version of its multidisciplinary and multi-objective optimization design environment. The updated software includes new features and improvements aimed at increasing engineering productivity and shortening the design cycle, the company says.

The new Run Analysis dashboard in modeFRONTIER 4.5 has smart monitoring widgets that provide engineers with control over an ongoing optimization process. Image courtesy of ESTECO.

modeFRONTIER is an integration platform with capabilities that allow product engineers and designers to integrate and drive multiple CAE tools. It offers numerous technologies that help engineers and designers investigate several design options quickly and understand the effects of conflicting goals so that they identify robust areas of design space. modeFRONTIER couples with third-party engineering tools, enabling the automation of the design simulation process. modeFRONTIER offers more than 40 direct integrations with such applications as Adams, CATIA, Excel, and LabVIEW.

modeFRONTIER’s workflow environment integrates and drives multiple CAE tools. Image courtesy of ESTECO.

modeFRONTIER creates a workflow that allows the execution of complex chains of design optimizations. By offering the ability to combine opposing objectives and consider user-defined constraints, modeFRONTIER helps manage the complexity faced in engineering projects. It offers algorithms that help determine the set of best possible solutions by combining opposing objectives, and modeFRONTIER has post-processing tools for statistical analysis, data visualization, and multi-criteria decision-making.

New features in modeFRONTIER version 4.5 include what the company describes as an enhanced GUI (graphical user interface) that allows for intuitive project handling at each stage. The new interface provides a customizable drag and drop palette as well as simplified preferences panels.

ESTECO says that the MORDO tool for multi-objective robust design optimization has been improved for handling uncertainties related to real-world problems in modeFRONTIER 4.5. Image courtesy of ESTECO.

Version 4.5 introduces three major usability features: a new Parameter Chooser, a new Run Analysis dashboard, and the new MCDM (multi-criteria decision-making) solution.

The Parameter Chooser is said to make integration with third-party software simpler. It helps you detect and choose input and output parameters within a model and modeFRONTIER variables, then modeFRONTIER establishes links and integrations automatically.

The new Run Analysis dashboard offers smart monitoring widgets that provide control over the ongoing optimization process, according to the company. Its intelligent graphic tools provide real-time monitoring of the design evaluation progress.

modeFRONTIER 4.5 is an integration platform that enables engineers and designers to integrate and drive multiple CAE tools. Image courtesy of ESTECO.

The new MCDM tool is a wizard-based solution intended to facilitate interactive decision-making so that engineers can make an informed final choice among optimal design candidates. It enables engineers to automate the ranking of alternatives, and designers can opt for one of five methods to add objective criteria and support their decision making process.

ESTECO says that high-fidelity meta-models can be created with little manual effort using modeFRONTIER’s new RSM (response surface methods) Validation procedure. Capabilities in MORDO, the modeFRONTIER tool for multi-objective robust design optimization, have been improved for handling uncertainties related to real-world problems.

Other new features include the Sub-Process Node and the Scheduling Project Node. The former can autonomously execute independent processes (modular and re-usable) that map data input to data output, skipping the optimization phase. The latter allows engineers to combine and automate multiple design exploration and optimization tasks and set up nested or hierarchical optimizations.

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Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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