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Pick of the Week: GeoPath CAD/CAM For Everyday Parts

By Anthony J. Lockwood

SolutionWare Corp.
The GeoPath CAD/CAM system for 3D milling. Image courtesy of SolutionWare Corp.

SolutionWare Corp. (San Jose, CA) has released the latest version of its modular CAD/CAM system GeoPath for Everyday Parts. GeoPath version 5.1 has simplified many of its programming techniques, the company says.

The company says that more than 90% of machine shops program everyday parts such as pockets, contours, slots, drilling, tapping, and counter-bores. These types of parts are the foundation of a machine shop, and the profit margin depends on getting these parts done in a quick and productive way. GeoPath has been enhanced with more advanced ways of selecting geometry for everyday parts and with drill/hole processes that enable programmers to select multiple tools, at one time, for multiple sized holes, says the SolutionWare.

SolutionWare Corp.
The GeoPath CAD/CAM system for lathes. Image courtesy of SolutionWare Corp.

Improvements in version 5.1 include template management programming, the ability to create programs for specific cuts to be used on different programs, then recall them for future use; the ability to display surfaces with a line through center in both directions; coolant controls; the ability to select multiple contours to be milled; and an upgraded layers window.

Dynamic Tool Management enables the user to set the tool library to various materials as well as materials with different speeds and feeds for different CNC machines. When the program is changed to run on a different CNC machine, it will automatically read the tooling, feeds, and speeds then adjust them to the library for the different systems. If the tools do not match, it will give users the option to select a different tool.

SolutionWare Corp.
The GeoPath CAD/CAM system for mills. Image courtesy of SolutionWare Corp.

GeoPath’s lathe Cut-Kind "Rough – Repeat contour” gives you a multiple-pass contour style of cut on a lathe. This style is said to offset the original contour by a user-specified distance and it cuts along the profile from the outside in. With an IGES file, GeoPath will allow you to select 3D geometry for holes as surface plane, which is said to make it easier to drill 3D holes. Miscellaneous capabilities include calculate the chamfer information on a milling cut and sort holes into layers.

Available modules GeoPath include GeoPath CAD/CAM for 2.5-axis milling; GeoPath for Lathes, 3D Milling, EDM Programming, and Solid Verification. The Fabrication CAM module serves as 2-axis software for waterjets, torches, routers, and lasers. Also available are PowerCAM Auto Programming, which enables Mazatrol or G-code programming directly from SolidWorks, and a Mazatrol Module said to provide advanced an CAD/CAM programming system for Mazak controllers.

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Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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