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Pick of the Week: Siemens Simplifies PLM Software Implementation

Siemens PLM Software (Plano, TX) has announced the implementation of a new application-based approach to product release that, the company says, will simplify how manufacturers deploy its Teamcenter PLM (product lifecycle management system). In related news, the company also announced the impending release of Teamcenter 10 and new PDM (product data management) software called Teamcenter Rapid Start that is said to provide a simple growth path to a full PLM implementation.

Image courtesy of Siemens PLM Solutions.

Siemens describes its new implementation approach as separating Teamcenter applications from their dependency on a specific version of the larger Teamcenter platform. As a result, new customer- and market-driven solutions will now be available to users up to three times faster than previously possible. Further, Teamcenter users will be able to implement new applications without being required to upgrade their platform.

“Our separation of application releases from major platform updates significantly simplifies PLM implementation for our customers and is a game change in our market,” said Eric Sterling, senior vice president, lifecycle collaboration software, Siemens PLM Software, in a press statement. “Our new approach to deliver targeted PLM applications that work across multiple versions of the Teamcenter platform will enable us to focus on developing applications that help transform our customers’ businesses, and allows them to more easily take advantage of the latest and best in PLM. This approach provides customers a faster return on their PLM investment and gives them the agility required to stay ahead of their competition.”

For existing Teamcenter users, this means that applications Siemens has announced over the year can now be used with multiple versions of Teamcenter platform. Among these applications are the Briefcase Browser for supplier integration, Substance Compliance for sustainability initiatives, Quality Management with CAPA, and Product Cost Management for providing visibility into cost throughout the product lifecycle. All these applications are available now.

The new Teamcenter Rapid Start PDM software, says Siemens, is designed to streamline the product development process by enabling organizations to find, share, and re-use product data quickly. Teamcenter Rapid Start, adds the company, uses the same software code as Teamcenter, so it provides a simple growth path to full PLM implementation.

Image courtesy of Siemens PLM Solutions.

Teamcenter Rapid Start provides multi-CAD data management capabilities that enable manufacturers to manage, control, and share mechanical CAD data across their entire design and supply chain. Said to support most widely deployed CAD solutions, Teamcenter Rapid Start provides a single view of product data, which, combined with its visualization capabilities, is said to help enhance collaboration. Additionally, Teamcenter Rapid Start manages everyday tasks and processes through preconfigured best practice workflows for engineering change and product release.

“Teamcenter Rapid Start simplifies entry into PDM, allowing companies to start managing their multi-CAD data, change, and release processes, and then advance their PLM maturity over time as their needs grow,” said Sterling. “Once you have Teamcenter Rapid Start up and running, you can add on Teamcenter capabilities as you need them. Teamcenter Rapid Start allows customers to start experiencing the benefits of Teamcenter with a simple, easy to deploy, easy to use PDM solution.”
Teamcenter Rapid Start, says the company, represents the next step in the evolution of the its Teamcenter Express software. Teamcenter Express users can exchange their current licenses for equivalent Teamcenter Rapid Start licenses, adds Siemens.

Teamcenter Rapid Start will be available later this month as will be Teamcenter 10. For more information on Teamcenter, go here. Click here for more information on Teamcenter Rapid Start.

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Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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