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Plant and Piping Add-in Expands AutoCAD

By DE Editors

ASVIC Engineering and Software (Nerang, Australia) says that itsMech-Q v3.12 suite of add-on drawing tools for AutoCAD 2006 greatlyassists engineers drawing in the mechanical, structural, piping,PandID and HVAC fields of work.

Mech-Q’s Piping, HVAC Ducting and PandID modules are equipped withauto-BOM tools. The Piping tools include support for drawing pipe-workin single-line 2D, in double-line 2D, in 3D, and in isometric pipingschematics. Also included in the Piping module are pipe hangers,vessels, pump, and several other piping components.

The HVAC module provides for drawing rectangular, round, and flat ovalsheet-metal ducting, and all types of transitions, bends, and junctions.It also supports such items as heaters, grilles, and flexible ducts.

The Structural module has extensive libraries of steel shapes includingsections from makers in Australia, Britain, USA, Canada, Japan, Europe,India, and South Africa. It offers tools for drawing connections of allcommon types, purlins and girts, stairs, ladders, and railings.

Mech-Q is also fully compatible with AutoCAD 14 through 2005, AutoCADLT 2000 through version 5, and IntelliCAD versions 4 and 5. For more details go to ASVICEngineering and Software website.

A fully functional demo of Mech-Q can de downloaded directly from this link.


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