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PLM System for Growing, Innovative Companies

By DE Editors

Active Sensing, Inc. (ASI; Castle Rock, CO) says that its PDXpert PLM (product lifecycle management) solution merges the principal features and capabilities from earlier product data management (PDM) systems, CAD data file managers, configuration management (CM) tools, and engineering drawing management (EDM) systems. Intended for growing companies manufacturing control electronics, consumer electronics, industrial machinery, and automotive OEM parts, PDXpert could improve your product data’s accessibility and security without the expense, installation, and configuration complexity of a high-end PLM application, according to ASI.

PLM System for Growing, Innovative Companies

PDXpert offers such PLM functions as part and document classification and attribute management; BOM (bill of materials) management; document management of your design and process data; and controlled access to your data library through a centralized repository. You can customize workflows for routing and approving changes, and PDXpert supports multiuser secured access, including electronic signatures.

PDXpert’s CM abilities include engineering change request (ECR) and engineering change order (ECO) forms, as well as change workflow management for formalizing the approval and release of new and revised product data. The software also provides parts list management and automatic rules-based document and part numbering; supplier source management; and approved parts identification. Part and document data definitions and attributes are customizable.

Miscellaneous features include free-form text search with synonyms, materials content identification for environmental compliance (WEEE/RoHS/ELV), and item-focused task assignments. PDXpert also supports industry-standard PDF, XLS, and XML data export for loading downstream ERP, SCM, and CRM systems.

PDXpert runs on 32-bit Windows Server 2003/2008, Vista, and XP systems and 64-bit Windows Vista and Server 2008. The PDXpert application server installation file includes the 32-bit version of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition (SSEE). PDXpert also works with 64-bit versions of SQL Server 2005 and both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of SQL Server 2008. On 64-bit platforms, a 64-bit version of Microsoft SQL Server must be installed separately before installing PDXpert.

Pricing begins at $999 for a one-time, perpetual single-user license. An annual maintenance, support, and upgrade subscription for that single user is $249.75. Multiuser rates are scaled. Pricing includes the PDXpert PLM application server, client software, and training materials. Legacy data conversion and user training are available optionally. For complete details, go the PDXpert PLM page on the Active Sensing’s website.

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