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Plugin Offers More Control Over Modeling With Maya

By DE Editors

T-Splines (Lindon, UT), a developer of 3D animationmodeling software, is shipping the T-Splines Maya Plugin 1.0, offeringeasy integration with NURBS and polygons. The plug-in also allowsdesigners to add single control points anywhere on a 3D surface withoutchanging the surface, and allows for surfaces to merge seamlessly,resulting in greater control and faster and efficient modeling.

Features of T-Splines include the ability to reduce large amounts ofdata by removing superfluous control points from existing NURBS models;use T-Spline patches to create one seamless model without gaps betweenobjects; make changes to 3D models quickly; render faster; improvemodeling productivity in Maya; import any NURBS object into T-Splines;insert NURBS-compatible local creases; and quickly create models thatcan be fully animated.

For more information and a free trial of the T-Splines Maya plugin, visit tsplines.com.

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