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Polygonica 1.1 Processes Large Models

By DE Editors

MachineWorks announced the release of Polygonica, Version 1.1. The solution can process large models very quickly, and now includes automatic simplification for out-of-core solids. This enables Polygonica’s algorithms, including Boolean operations, solid healing, offsetting, and slicing, to be performed on arbitrarily sized meshes.

The threshold for simplification is by default 6 million triangles, although this can be changed by the user, and MachineWorks has successfully processed STL files of over 40GB, the company says. The maximum size of the mesh is limited only by available disk space, and does not impact the performance or stability of the process.
The new release has support for arbitrary data defined on the mesh, which can be used to represent color as well as other data. This means that color and other data is preserved during complex healing operations, such as closing the model, removing self-intersections, non-manifold edges, and noise shells.

For 3D printing, this means that Polygonica can process other file formats such as AMF, OBJ, 3DS and others. As well as healing, meshes can be sliced at any resolution into both vector and image based slice formats.

“The new release of Polygonica represents a leap forward in solid modeling” said David Knight, Polygonica sales manager. “The ability to heal and slice color meshes is important in the 3D Printing industry, where full color printing is becoming more commonplace. Additionally, preserving arbitrary data on meshes, as well as handling very large models, is important for other industries such as computational fluid dynamics, finite element analysis and reverse engineering.”

For more information, visit MachineWorks.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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