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Portable Workstations from NextComputing Easier to Service; Have Reduced Acoustic Noise

By DE Editors

NextComputing now offers a new level of user serviceability for its AMD-based NextDimension series of “flextop” portable computers. Coupled with enhanced access to vital system components for customers is an improved cooling sub-system offering reduced acoustic noise.

These enhancements will be available on all NextDimension Pro and Evo series portable workstations, which use AMD Opteron processor technology, and as an upgrade option to existing AMD-based NextDimension systems. NextComputing’s longevity roadmap of AMD processor offerings dates back to its earliest implementation of AMD’s original 64-bit AMD Opteron multi-core chips, and extends to its most recent adoption of third-generation Quad-Core AMD Opteron processors. Code named "Shanghai" Quad-Core AMD Opteron processors are designed for optimum multi-threaded application performance, using a native quad-core design and adding an enhanced cache structure and integrated memory controller designed to sustain multi-threaded application throughput.

The NextDimension Pro series of slim, briefcase-sized workstations will benefit from easier user access to critical system components, including system memory, processors, and storage and I/O controllers. NextDimension Pro systems with AMD currently feature up to two Quad-Core AMD Opteron processors, up to 32GB RAM, onboard SATA RAID capability, and two user-accessible PCI-X or PCI Express expansion slots. The NextDimension Evo series mirrors the features of the Pro series, but adds two additional expansion slots and increased storage capability. In addition to simplified processor side access, all AMD-based NextDimension Evo systems will now also allow users to have full access to the system’s fourth PCI slot—previously only accessible by NextComputing’s technicians or by factory-certified integrators.

All NextComputing portable systems use a combination of active and passive cooling to retain system stability. This latest enhanced cooling solution for AMD-based NextDimension systems brings improved efficiency using intelligent thermal sensing technology, allowing the system to run quieter and cooler. Existing customers will notice improvements in relative noise level when running at all system loads.

For more information, visit NextComputing.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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