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“Practical” Jetpacks are on the Way

Who wouldn’t want their own jetpack? Not only could one help you clean your gutters, you could soar above the crowds, and zoom past rush hour traffic. Along with the flying car, the jetpack is one piece of science fiction technology that has yet to make it into the real world in any meaningful way.

New Zealand’s Martin Aircraft Company is on schedule to bring what they call a “practical” jetpack to market by 2015. The company intends for the flying system to appeal to emergency services, search and rescue, and defense, along with other organizations that could find a use for a single man flyer.

Current version of the Martin jetpack undergoing testing. Courtesy of Martin Aircraft.

The Martin Jetpack is powered by a 2-stroke engine filled with standard gasoline mixed with 2-stroke oil. It can reach up to 60 mph, reach a height of 8,000 ft., and run continuously for 30 minutes. The controls are partially under computer guidance, simplifying training and use of the jetpack. The hover feature, specifically, is achieved through button control, rather than human reflex.

While Martin Aircraft hasn’t yet released a price for the jetpack, the company’s website suggests that a yet-to-come hobby version would have a $100,000 price tag. Below you can find a video about the suggested applications of the jetpack.

Source: Martin Aircraft

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