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Produce High-Quality Printouts

By DE Editors

sPlan is a CAD package for drawing electronic and electriccircuit diagrams, and is offered by Saelig Co. of Pittsford, NY.sPlan is equipped with drawing and editing functions for efficientcircuit design. The software’s Components List enables data such asidentifiers and values to be defined automatically as the circuitdiagram is being edited. A structured components list can be generatedfrom the component data. The components list is editable, so you canadd ordering information, price, supplier, etc. to the list. Optionsfor the components list include sorting or grouping identical values. Acomponents list can cover one or all sheets of a file.

The included Component Library provides tools necesssary to draw aclearly arranged circuit diagram, such as diodes, resistors, switches,transistors, etc.

Additionally, a user may choose to draw and add his or her own symbolsto the library if a favorite part is missing. The library can also bereorganized the completely and symbols created to exactly meet theuser’s needs. Width and the number of columns shown in the library canbe changed, and new libraries can be created and located on remotedrives, where they can be accessed by other users.

Another important feature of sPlan is the automatic numbering ofcomponents. Users don’t need to number single components, and re-numberof diagrams in a geometrical manner is allowed.

Additionally, sPlan  will check a completed circuit diagram bycolumns or by rows, and the components will be numbered in this way.

sPlan is priced at $79.95. Visit the company’s website for additional details.


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