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Product Sight Certified for Autodesk Inventor 10

By DE Editors

Product Sight Corporation (Bellevue, WA),inventors of Search Powered PLM, recently announced that Product SightSearch Powered PLM has been certified for Autodesk Inventor 10 underthe Autodesk Inventor Certified Applications Program. Certifiedapplications are designed to meet strict development guidelines andhave demonstrated the highest levels of robustness, quality, andinteroperability with Autodesk Inventor. Certification is granted onlyafter a product has been thoroughly tested by internal staff atAutodesk.

Product Sight Search is designed to allow engineering and manufacturingcompanies to discover related information across the entire history oftheir Autodesk digital design data. Because the search engine workswith existing data and information systems and automatically scans thecorporate network inside the firewall, companies can deploy rapidly andsee business results right away, says the company.

Autodesk Inventor certification validates the following features andbenefits of Product Sight Search Powered PLM for Autodesk users:

  • Find and share Autodesk Inventor files from anywhere on your network file system.
  • Search directly on any text, notes, attributes, orproperties without relying on pre-defined meta-data to obtainmeaningful search results.
  • Securely share Autodesk Inventor designs with otheremployees, partners, and suppliers without cluttering up e-mail trafficwith attachments or creating uncontrolled copies.
  • Compare assembly structures from two different Inventor models or with bill of materials from separate ERP or PDM systems.
  • Search and coordinate with files managed in Autodesk Vault to create a worldwide virtual repository.
  • Extract Inventor assembly structures and convert to amanaged bill of materials for manufacturing or configuration managementpurposes.

More information about Search Powered PLM can be found at  Product Sight Corporation‘s website.

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