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Professor Honored by Volvo for Hybrid, Autonomous Vehicle Research

Volvo has awarded its annual Håkan Frisinger Foundation for Transportation Research scholarship to Linköping University professor Lars Nielsen. Nielsen was honored for his work on both hybrid vehicles and autonomous vehicle systems.

Professor Lars Nielsen won Volvo's annual scholarship award for his work in hybrid and autonomous vehicle systems. Image: Volvo

Nielsen’s work has focused on applying control engineering models and methodology within vehicular systems, including technology involved in “platooning” of autonomous vehicles to optimize the distance between cars using intelligent control systems.  He is also a contributor to the hybrid technology research within the Swedish Hybrid Vehicle Centre (SHC).

Recently, Nielsen has worked on using vehicle log data to generate “driving cycles” that can help optimize hybrid vehicles. The use of driving cycles can help researchers study how battery and energy management, for example, are affected during different types of driving.

You can see more of Nielsen’s work here.

The SEK 250,000 scholarship is awarded each year to a researcher at a Swedish university.

Source: Volvo

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