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PTC Acquires Environmental Impact Technology from Planet Metrics

By DE Editors

PTC has extended its InSight Product Analytics solution with technology to help manufacturers analyze carbon and other environmental impacts during product development and manufacturing.

The core of PTC’s Insight Product Analytics solution is built upon delivering a suite of capabilities to enable bill of material (BOM) analysis for environmental performance, cost, and reliability throughout the product lifecycle.  PTC has acquired technology from Planet Metrics, Inc., a provider of environmental impact analysis technology.  This new technology enables manufacturers and retailers to model, analyze, and optimize carbon emissions and energy use from concept to end-of-life.  The Planet Metrics software includes a normalized database of environmental profiles and combines both analytics and heat map displays that allow users to identify high-impact “hot spots” in materials, packaging, supply chain, transportation, and disposal.

“The process of predicting, measuring, and improving a product’s environmental performance is becoming increasingly important to the success of manufacturers across all industries,” says Howard Heppelmann, vice president of Product Analytics solutions at PTC.  “The acquisition of this technology is an important step in the execution of our product analytics strategy and overall differentiation in PLM. We are excited to expand our Product Analytics capabilities to further enable manufacturers to analyze the environmental footprint of products early in the product development cycle, helping them make informed design and supply chain decisions that can lower risk and cost.”

PTC plans to embed the technology within its InSight Product Analytics solution with an official software release in the months ahead. 

For more information, visit PTC.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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