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PTC to Boost Enterprise Mixed Reality with Microsoft HoloLens

PTC  announced that it is working to create enterprise mixed reality (MR) experiences with Microsoft HoloLens. PTC and Microsoft will jointly work to help customers leverage the ThingWorx Studio MR authoring and publishing tool as a way to build hands-free MR experiences for HoloLens, according to the companies.

ThingWorx Studio, powered by Vuforia, offers HoloLens customers native support for building and rapidly creating scalable mixed reality experiences. The ThingWorx Studio visual drag-and-drop authoring environment, with built-in support for gestures and voice commands, enables users to create immersive HoloLens interactions without any skilled programming or custom designers.

“The combination of ThingWorx Studio and HoloLens opens up tremendous opportunity for industrial customers to create immersive ‘hands-free’ mixed reality experiences for a variety of business-critical use cases, including for sales and marketing, manufacturing, and service, as well as human resources and training,” says Terry Farrell, director of mixed reality marketing, Microsoft.

“Manufacturers are faced with challenges when designing, building, operating, and servicing smart connected products,” says Mike Campbell, executive vice president, ThingWorx Platform, PTC. “The combination of ThingWorx Studio and HoloLens enables users in business settings to create mixed reality experiences that can help support some of these challenges in an easier, faster, and more cost-effective way.”

For more info, visit PTC and Microsoft.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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