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PTC Launches PlanetPTC Community

By DE Editors

PTC, The Product Development Company, has launched PlanetPTC Community, an online environment where PTC customers and other product development professionals can showcase their work, network with peers, and share their success stories and experiences.

PTC engaged Forrester Research to determine its customers’ readiness for a PTC-hosted community. Josh Bernoff, senior vice president, Idea Development, Forrester Research wrote about PTC’s journey to community in his blog. “As it turned out, the customers were enthusiastic,” he wrote. “]PTC’s customers are] not just ready for a social application, they’re eager for it. This sentiment was robustly consistent across job roles and geographies and for customers of all of PTC’s products … I expect this community to be very successful.”

“PlanetPTC Community is more than a typical social networking site,” says Rob Gremley, executive vice president, Marketing, PTC. “PTC is transforming the way that we engage with our customers online based upon the results of an extensive research study conducted by Forrester Research. PTC customers told us that they wanted access to great content and the ability to interact with, inspire, and be inspired by other PTC customers through the sharing of ideas, challenges, and solutions. Beyond that, they wanted a forum where they could recognize each other for their creativity and innovation.

Content for PlanetPTC Community has been contributed by Diamond members (founding members). Featured tools include discussion forums, blogging and micro blogging, wikis, news feeds, file sharing, groups, content rating, commenting, tagging and friending. Members can also participate in contests where they will be awarded branded merchandise to accompany peer accolades for their showcased designs. A PTC community manager will be available to assist members with questions.

For more information please visit: community.planetptc.com

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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