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PTC Updates Creo, Windchill

By DE Editors

PTC has released Creo 2.0, an update to its product design software. The company has also released a new version of its Windchill PLM software.

With Creo 2.0, PTC has introduced a new role-specific app, the Options Modeler, that extends how organizations can approach concept design. The Optoins Modeler was built for designers who need to create or validate modular product designs in 3D early in a design cycle.  The new app, available this summer, delivers a dedicated set of capabilities to build accurate, up-to-date, precise 3D-based product assemblies, irrespective of size or complexity. When used with Creo Parametric, Creo Options Modeler enables teams to validate precise mass, center of gravity, and even check and resolve critical issues like interference for modular designs.
Creo Options Modeler contributes to PTC s AnyBOM Assembly technology vision, which promises to give teams the power and scalability needed to create, validate and reuse information for modular product architectures.  By combining Creo Options Modeler with Windchill, manufacturers can generate and validate precise 3D representations of product configurations defined by an individual bill of materials.

The new releases of Creo Parametric, Creo Direct, the free Creo Sketch (now available on Mac OS X with this release), and Creo Layout combine to enhance collaboration, innovation and design exploration during concept design. Since all Creo apps share a common data model, 2D geometry and design data can be easily shared by all users and apps and can be re-used later in the design process to accelerate the transition to the detailed design phase.
In Creo Layout 2.0, PTC is helping to solve the specific problem of transitioning from 2D to 3D, allowing users to easily create a layout of complex assemblies, quickly explore design alternatives, import a variety of 2D CAD file types, sketch and modify 2D geometry, organize information with groups, tags and structure as well as dimensions, notes and tables. Once created, a 2D design in Creo Layout can serve as the basis for 3D models, allowing users to create assemblies in 2D or reference 2D geometry to create part features, and any changes made in 2D are reflected in 3D upon regeneration.

New capabilities in Creo Direct help accelerate bid-proposals and early concept design.  Casual users can now quickly and easily create new compelling 3D designs. They also can easily modify models by reference to existing geometry of available parts and assemblies or quickly, but precisely place multiple parts and assemblies into position with the new intelligent snapping capabilities.
Windchill is now integrated with PTC’s recently acquired Integrity software system lifecycle management technology. Windchill 10.1 also introduces enhancements to the product s capabilities in a wide range of areas.  In addition, Windchill Mobile is now available from the Apple iTunes store for the iPad and iPhone.
PTC has integrated Windchill and Integrity to combine the rich, collaborative requirements authoring and management capabilities of Integrity with the flow-down traceability offered in Windchill. This combination delivers comprehensive requirements management capabilities and enables manufacturers to improve product quality, reduce rework and improve time to market.
In addition, Windchill now integrates with the software change and configuration management capabilities of Integrity " and other tools " to manage defects and issues, as well as enable software releases to be synchronized with product configurations.
In addition, Windchill s core configuration management capabilities have been further enhanced to provide advanced support for configurable products. With a new version of its FlexPLM technology, companies can now reference CAD models managed in a Windchill environment, giving retail product designers greater visibility and understanding of how to work with products that have both hard and soft goods (e.g. a chair s frame and fabric).
PTC has also enhanced how companies can accurately track product cost estimates and maintain related historical information by managing and displaying product cost information in multiple currencies.
The new Windchill Mobile app gives users instant anytime, anywhere access to current product and process information. Windchill Mobile includes a shake and break capability that allows users to explode a product assembly by simply shaking their mobile device to see the internal parts in greater detail. Windchill also now supports Apple users even if they aren t on a mobile device with support for Mac OS X.

For more information, visit PTC.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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