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Put the Best Face on Your 3D Models

By DE Editors

VX Corp. (Palm Bay, FL) has added a face attributes library to its VX CAD/CAM mechanical engineering modeling environment, giving you a real-time, photorealistic view of your designs as you model. The integration of face attributes in VX eliminates time spent preparing images as well as learning and wielding a CAD rendering package. Further, the effects of applying an attribute are said to be almost instantaneous, doing away with time spent waiting for a model to render or calculate.


VX CAD/CAM Face Attributes Library.

VX Corp. says that its face attribute library requires minimal effort to use and that its readily available to designers of all levels. With the new face attribute functionality, you simply select and apply to your model such attributes as metals, paint finishes, and plastics (including transparency) instantly. A background image—such as a generic patterned image from VX or a user-defined graduated color background—also can be applied quickly. You can even use a digital camera image.

The face attribute library has been specifically defined for the VX shaded model environment.

For more information on the VX CAD/CAM system, click here to go to the VX Corp. website. Click here for information on demos, webinars, and the like.

Sources: Press materials received from the company. Additional information gleaned from the company’s website

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