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QuadriSpace Offers 3D PDF Authoring Suite for Less Than $100

By Margaret S. Gurney

“Our Document3D Personal Edition empowers our customers to freely communicate 3D concepts with coworkers, suppliers, and customers. Unlike any other product, it integrates 3D and page design tools in a single software package.”
— Brian Roberts, president, QuadriSpace Corporation

QuadriSpace Corporation (Allen, TX) introduced the first 3D PDF Authoring Suite priced under $100, right after it released a free version of its well-known Document3D Suite. Once you download the personal edition of the free Document3D Suite, which includes Pages3D and Publisher3D, you can buy the Share 3D PDF Documents for $95.

A 3D model by itself, says the company, is not sufficient to communicate designs: the key to communication lies in documenting the design and providing easy access to this information as well as to the 3D model. With Document3D Personal Edition with 3D PDF Module, QuadriSpace recognized the need to associate text, images, and other media with 3D models and 2D CAD in order to effectively share, document, and publish 3D design information.

Improve communication by publish PDF documents that allow recipients to rotate, pan, and zoom embedded 3D objects.

With the Personal Edition of the Document3D Suite free and now the 3D PDF Module at $95, users can share 3D models and documents; capture memorized views or illustrations of your 3D model; e-mail documents and models through a seamless Outlook integration; and create PDF documents with interactive 3D views that the recipient can rotate, pan, and zoom. Plus, as a user’s needs increase, the software upgrades easily to the Basic, Standard, or Professional series from QuadriSpace.

Capabilities of 3D PDF Module
Users who need to import 3D models such as SolidWorks, Inventor, DWF, STL, Google SketchUp, DWG, DXF, 3ds Max, 3DS, and more, can do so using Document3D Personal Edition with the 3D PDF Module. Optionally, says QuadriSpace, by licensing the GRANITE Import Module ($395), you can import Pro/ENGINEER, STEP, IGES, SAT, Parasolid, and VDA.

With QuadriSpace Pages3D you can reuse your existing 3D models to create interactive 3D documents, such as 3D PDF. It includes interactive 3D viewing, animations, exploded views, clickable parts lists, and more.

It is possible to author multiple page documents from 3D CAD and publish printed documents or share interactive documents using Reader3D, and you can mark up 3D views with shapes, arrows, lines, and text. Once that is complete, you can share 3D PDF Documents that can be opened with the industry-standard Adobe Reader 8.0 or greater.

“Our Document3D Personal Edition empowers our customers to freely communicate 3D concepts with coworkers, suppliers, and customers,” says Brian Roberts, president, QuadriSpace Corporation. “Unlike any other product, it integrates 3D and page design tools in a single software package that is as easy to use and install as Microsoft Office. With the $95 3D PDF module and Outlook e-mail integration, communicating 3D designs has never been easier.”

QuadriSpace Document3D Suite features a new Microsoft Office inspired user interface that integrates page design with 3D tools.

You can create assembly instructions by adding buttons to a document that animate between various illustrations or instructions.

Functionalities with 3D PDF Module
When you need to explore a 3D PDF that was created with QuadriSpace Pages3D, you simply open the PDF with Reader 8.0 or greater, without needing any plug-ins. Once opened, you click on the 3D view to rotate, pan, and zoom the 3D model with your mouse — and you can click on the bookmarks to animate to specific views.

Users may directly import 3D models to create marketing brochures or web pages.

This example was created with only Pages3D Personal (included with Document3D Personal) with the 3D PDF Module. On the QuadriSpace website, when you click on the figure to the right, a new screen opens up to a PDF showing details on the steering wheel, its manufacturer’s descriptions and design.

Then, once you see this 3D PDF, you can open the ‘bookmarks’ panel in Adobe Reader to gain access to the clickable bookmarks.

Another function possible with Document3D Personal Edition with 3D PDF Module, is that you can author a 3D PDF with QuadriSpace Pages3D. The best way to see how easy this is to do is to create a document from your existing 3D models. To do this, you will need to download and install the freely available Document3D Personal Edition (see link at end).

QuadriSpace says that many 3D formats are included for free including SolidWorks, Inventor, DWF, and more. Some formats, such as Pro/ENGINEER, require the GRANITE Import Module.

Need More Capability?
Using QuadriSpace’s Personal Edition, you can expand as you need more capabilities. While you can do a lot with the Personal Edition, the company says at some point you may need to create exploded views, manage parts lists, edit materials, publish graphics or animations, add callouts, or apply a variety of other more advanced 3D tools or publish outputs.

The interface elements in a QuadriSpace application include the menu, ribbon, panels, document window, status bar, active tool or editor, and quick access toolbar.

Here QuadriSpace enables you to upgrade your Personal Edition to any of its versions of Basic, Standard, or Professional series products. Included below are links to a comparison chart that lets you decide which one will work best for your needs, as well as to single-user licenses.

QuadriSpace’s Document3D product line, which is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing 3D CAD tools and the current information flow, aims to expedite the documentation process and allow customers to leverage the ability to create various formats of documentation with a single mouse click, as well as offer interactive documentation for interactive viewing of the 3D model.

As the CAD market comes to realize the potential of 3D documentation, QuadriSpace’s 30 years of technical management not only helps you start out, but can then carry you onward to your next step.

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