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QuEST Global Engineering Acquires Beeken TechQuest Ltd

Diversified engineering solutions provider QuEST Global, has announced its acquisition of Beeken TechQuest and UFT Beeken Engineering Services.

According to a company press release, this move will help QuEST Global diversify its influence in the Oil & Gas Sector. It will also provide access to expertise in upstream Oil & Gas Engineering and enhance engagement with current customers.

Beeken TechQuest provides engineering services regarding CAD conversions, sustenance engineering, product development, rapid prototyping and engineering documentation.

“I am delighted with the acquisition of Beeken TechQuest Ltd, Houston, USA, and its joint venture, UFT Beeken Engineering Services Private Ltd, Bangalore, India, by QuEST Global,” BN Murali, president at Beeken TechQuest, said. “The combination of the two companies brings great opportunities for our customers and employees. The Beeken team in the US has more than 400 years combined experience in the Oil and Gas Industry, and the Indian group has more than 100 years of combined experience.”

For more information, visit Beeken TechQuest and QuEST Global.

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