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Quickly Solve Fatigue Analysis Problems With nCode DesignLife 9.1

HBM announced the version 9.1 release of nCode DesignLife, a solution for CAE fatigue analysis applications. According to the company, users can now more quickly solve fatigue analysis problems by using high performance computing (HPC) environments. A new Safety Factor product option helps assess the durability of a wider range of components used in ground vehicle powertrain engineering early in the design process.

nCode DesignLife 9.1 can now be run in HPC environments or other multi-machine configurations using a new distributed processing option. The solution supports both Intel MPI (Message Passing Interface)  for Windows and Linux operating systems and Microsoft MPI for Microsoft HPC clusters.

“Previously, performance was limited by the number of processors available on a single machine and it was not unusual for a large scale fatigue analysis such as an automotive full-vehicle simulation or aerospace landing-gear to run overnight,” said Jon Aldred, director of product management for HBM-nCode, “Now, turnaround time for the largest jobs can be improved by an order of magnitude with distributed processing, opening up the possibility more robust up-front design through simulation.”

The new release also includes built-in methods for performing safety factor calculations commonly used in powertrain engineering. The new Safety Factor option in DesignLife expands its ability to cover many aspects of the durability assessment needed for engines, transmissions, and drivelines, the company says. This stress-based factor of safety method is used for the design of crankshafts, camshafts and pistons, and employs standard mean stress corrections or user-specified Haigh diagrams. Stresses from a complete finite element model are analyzed in a single analysis process.

nCode DesignLife is released as part of nCode 9.1, which provides a set of tools for test and CAE simulation for durability. The options for distributed processing and Safety Factor analysis are available as part of nCode CDS unit licensing, which offers leased access to the full range of nCode 9.1 products. nCode 9.1 also incorporates nCode GlyphWorks, a graphical test data processing software that features  new options for GPS data including satellite and internet-based mapping service through MapQuest Open.

For more information, visit HBM.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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