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Quickparts Announces New Capabilities for CNC Machining Large Parts

By DE Editors

Quickparts has recently added new capabilities that allow for the CNC machining of much larger part designs.    

The company now has the ability to CNC mill designs up to 157×78 in. on the X and Y axis, with a Z height up to 59 in. For turned parts requiring a CNC lathe, Quickparts can accommodate part designs up to 30 in. in diameter and 107 in. in length. The customer still has the flexibility to select from virtually any commercially available material available to be machined.
“Quickparts is really excited about being able to confidently sell and deliver CNC machined parts this large to our customer base,” says Patrick Hunter, vice president of Sales and Marketing for Quickparts.  “When designers are faced with manufacturing parts that are 6 or 8 ft. long for example, their options become limited very quickly. We are proud to be able to serve this niche market for our customers.”
For more information, visit Quickparts.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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