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Quickparts Delivers Crittercam Upgrade for National Geographic

By DE Editors

The seagoing Crittercam can be attached to marine mammals via suction cup or belt.

Quickparts (Atlanta, GA) recently produced parts needed to upgrade National Geographic’s Crittercam, a research tool worn by wild animals. The tool, a compact system that allows scientists to study animal behavior without the impact of a human observer, has been seen in March of the Penguins, National Geographic’s Wild Chronicles, and numerous other National Geographic DVDs.

The seagoing Crittercam combines data with vibrant imagery through the use of video and audio recording, adding a collection of critical environmental data such as the animal’s depth, velocity, and acceleration as well as water temperature. The animal’s point of view is displayed in a way that television audiences and the scientific community have not been able to experience before.

This is a recovered Crittercam housing for land-based mammals that was shed once the unit’s battery was depleted.

To accomplish the compact Crittercam system, the team needed a rapid prototype part in order to create a smaller, lighter model that would incorporate the latest technology for both audio and video. A custom SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) part was selected because it would provide total design freedom. National Geographic uploaded their files to the Quickparts website and within minutes, they were able to quote and purchase their parts so they could have them in hand.

Further, the 3D printing process allows National Geographic to continuously improve existing Crittercams while preparing for future versions more cost effectively.

For information, see Quickparts.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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