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Rapidform Announces Alliance Program Partnerships

By DE Editors

INUS Technology has announced that several 3D scanner manufacturers have teamed up to offer Rapidform software with their 3D scanning hardware platforms. Combining these systems with processing software from Rapidform enables customers to scan their parts and use the data for reverse engineering or inspection in one package.

The expanded partnerships include Breuckmann GmbH and Imetric GmbH, with other companies on the way, according to INUS.

“Rapidform unlocks the power of 3D scanning, and we’re pleased to partner with leading scanner makers to offer complete solutions in the marketplace," says Calvin Hur, CEO of INUS Technology. "Whether it’s our renowned reverse engineering offerings or our proven inspection technology, our partners are able to offer best-in-class solutions to their customers.”

Breuckmann now offers a specialized version of Rapidform XOV, known as OptoCAT Verifier, for inspection and verification of parts scanned with their 3D scanners.

Imetric includes Rapidform XOS, known as Imetric Studio Reverse, for scan data processing with every IScan 3D scanner. This bundle of hardware and processing software helps ensure a seamless workflow to create polygon meshes and NURBS surface models of objects. Imetric also offers a specialized version of Rapidform XOV, Imetric Studio Verifier, for those who want to scan and inspect parts.

For more information, visit Rapidform.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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