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Ravello Systems Partners With Intrigo Systems

Ravello Systems has announced its partnership with Intrigo Systems, an SAP implementation organization. The partnership is designed to bring simplicity to enterprise SAP development and test processes, according to a press release.

The partnership will also allow replicas of existing on-premise VMware-based SAP application environments to be deployed on Amazon Web Services or other public clouds.

According Ravello, having replicas of on-premise SAP landscapes creates new advantages regarding prototype projects, sandboxes, training and upgrade integration user acceptance testing.

“The increase in complexity of SAP environments requires strategic solutions that are both fast and efficient in order to support the pace of business innovation,” said Prabhakar Prasad, VP of global sales and marketing of Intrigo Systems. “For organizations to innovate rapidly, the public cloud is a promising platform. To reap its benefits, we saw the need for solutions that can provide an easy way to replicate the on-premise customer SAP landscapes onto the cloud. For this reason, Intrigo Systems partnered with Ravello Systems to come up with a self-service one-click clone and deployment methodology for existing SAP landscapes on the cloud. Customers can benefit by leveraging pay-as-you-go cloud infrastructure while allowing IT to focus on higher value tasks and business critical processes.”

For more information, visit Ravello Systems and Intrigo Systems.

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