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Raydiance Releases Suite of All-Laser Precision Manufacturing Solutions

Raydiance announced the R-Drill, R-Tube and R-Mill solutions to address micromachining challenges in the automotive, industrial and medical device industries. R-Drill, R-Tube and R-Mill combine Raydiance’s femtosecond laser technology with the company’s materials processing expertise and application-specific software.

According to Raydiance, the solutions enable a shift in product design and development by reducing prototyping and production transfer from months to as little as 24 hours. Customer applications include precision nozzles for automotive engine fuel injectors, cooling micro holes for power generation turbine blades, texture surfacing for biomedical implants (e.g., knee, hip and ear), and cutting of peripheral and cardiovascular stents.

“The world of micromachining is constrained by the quality and economic realities of traditional methods,” said Richard Pierce, Raydiance CEO. “With the R-Drill, R-Tube and R-Mill, Raydiance eliminates these constraints and enables new product innovations with substantially higher quality and lower cost.”

R-Tube allows medical device manufacturers to eliminate interior dimension (ID) honing, acid etch and bead blasting steps typical of other stent manufacturing processes. R-Drill helps manufacturers produce parts with intricate hole features, including perfectly round holes, elliptical holes, square holes, positive and negative tapers, micron-sized entrance and exit features, and holes that alter shape and profile from the top to the bottom of the part.

R-Mill provides the ability to resurface or retexture delicate materials, such as pericardial tissue used for heart valve applications or polymer-based catheter balloons to impart flexibility features and control movement, and to introduce precision slots, grooves, tapers and edge effects to virtually any material or part including microfluidic applications.

The R-Tube, R-Drill and R-Mill solutions are turnkey and installed in partnership with Raydiance’s selected system integrators. Each system can be continuously monitored by Raydiance, with performance adjustments and preventative maintenance performed remotely as needed.

For more information, visit Raydiance.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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