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Roboris Releases EurekaMobile App for Virtual Machining

Roboris announced the release of EurekaMobile, a free mobile app that complements Eureka Virtual Machining, the company’s flagship product.

Through EurekaMobile, any simulations made by Eureka Virtual Machining can be reviewed and analyzed anywhere on any mobile device. Machine tool operators can now review the ISO program simulation on their own smartphones or tablets. Any potential critical issues flagged by the technical office can also be easily investigated, the company says.

In addition to the 3D simulation of all the machine motions, EurekaMobile provides a detailed analysis of any messages, warnings and/or errors generated during the simulation. In case of collision, the colliding parts are highlighted in 3D so the issue can be easily identified. The ISO line being executed, the tool used, the feed rate and other useful information are also displayed during the simulation.

EurekaMobile is immediately available for download from Google Play for Android devices and from the Apple Store for iOS devices. It will be available soon for Windows mobile devices.

“We are excited to be able to provide this free app to our customers,” said Mirko Sgarbi, co-founder of Roboris. “EurekaMobile provides our users with the convenience of using mobile devices in the shop floor to identify any issue before the ISO program is actually sent to the machine tool. In addition, the machine tool set up time is also decreased.”

For more information, visit Roboris.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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