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Russian Aerospace Industry Turns to Simulation to Improve Compliance

While Russia’s aerospace industry has been plagued by corruption, poor design, and a number of costly (and occasionally fatal) failures, the government has committed billions of dollars to revamping it in an effort to take a larger chunk of the global market for commercial aircraft.

One sign of potential improvements: GosNIIAS, the Russian state scientific research institute that supports aviation systems development there, has partnered with ANSYS to help meet worldwide aerospace standards.

The two organizations are leveraging ANSYS’ simulation expertise to create a new software called SCADE Solutions for IMA (integrated modular avionics) to streamline the code generation of avionics system architectures, and to create an automatic IMA configuration table.

The goal is to save time and cost during product design, and improve system reliability and safety compliance.

“We are pleased to partner with ANSYS to help introduce a more concrete process for the certification of IMA-compliant systems to this industry,” said Sergey Yuryevich Zheltov, general director at GosNIIAS. “ANSYS has been a long-term technology partner to GosNIIAS, and with today’s increasingly complex avionics systems, we look forward to moving toward a more stable Russian aerospace industry.”

IMA represents a real-time network of airborne systems that works across hardware modules. GosNIIAS demonstrated at least one IMA-based application last year, and other systems are in development.

Source: ANSYS

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