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Safe Technology Releases fe-safe 6.3

By DE Editors

Safe Technology announced release 6.3 of its fatigue analysis software for FE models, fe-safe. According to the company, the new release increases the speed of analyses and includes a new licensing system. Other developments include a fully integrated module for the fatigue analysis of rubber, enhancements to the Verity Spot Weld capability, a new Materials Database, and a fe-safe plug in for ANSYS Workbench 14.

The new release increases analysis speed by up to 44% on average on all support platforms, the company says. The new FlexNet licensing system improves ease of use.

The fe-safe/Rubber module for the fatigue analysis of elastomers is based on Endurica technology, and takes advantage of fe-safe’s user interface and direct links to Finite Element codes.  

A new capability to “auto-detect” spot welds has been added, providing the means to assess thousands of spot welds by using a single Verity definition, thus simplifying and speeding up the analysis. A new materials database of more than 350 materials has been released with at no additional cost. It runs externally to fe-safe and can be deployed on a separate server. Additional information has been added for microstructure, chemical composition, heat treatment, specimen type and failure criteria. Equivalent specifications have been obtained from national standards, so that materials can be referenced by U.S., European, Chinese, Japanese and other standards

For more information, visit Safe Technology.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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