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Safe Technology Releases fe-safe/Rubber

By DE Editors

fe-safe/Rubber from Safe Technology allows analysts of elastomeric products to investigate product durability issues at the inception of a design change.

According to the company, similar solutions for fatigue analysis from FEA of metallic components have been available for many years, but the metal fatigue codes do not work well for rubber components.

Endurica s technology in fe-safe/Rubber offers rubber developers the opportunity to reap the benefits of fatigue analysis at the design stage. The technology is purpose-developed for elastomers. The technology handles rubber s finite-strain kinematics, hyperelastic stress-strain behavior, strain crystallization, temperature-dependence and other effects such as ozone attack. These effects have also been integrated with widely accepted procedures such as critical plane analysis, fracture mechanics and rainflow counting to provide a complete system capable of accounting for very complex duty cycles, including multiaxial loadings and variable amplitudes.

The U.S. Army is among the first customers of the technology. Their application is the development of rubber components in the track system of military ground vehicles. Other interest has come from the heavy equipment, consumer products, offshore, medical devices and automotive sectors.

For more information, visit Safe Technology.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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