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Schott Systeme Launches Pictures by PC 3.4

By DE Editors

German CAD/CAM developer Schott Systeme GmbH has launched the latest version of its Pictures by PC software for design and technical documentation. This new release primarily focuses on providing tools for the creation of more accurate, dynamic, and graphically rich product documentation. 

The Solid modeling suite already offers users the ability to import, modify, and construct 3D designs. However Pictures by PC 3.4 now includes a new generation of 3D modeler, coupled with a number of feature recognition tools. With most CAD designs being too complex for illustration purposes, these tools help simplify the 3D models in preparation for illustration. This process is undertaken without a parametric feature history, and so can be used to modify 3D data imported from many CAD systems. 

The latest version further streamlines the illustration process by providing the user with a number of ready-made render scenes. These scenes then enable an appropriate level of illustration detail to be selected. The detail level is then applied to the illustration, and a new selection of standard graphics libraries for items such as tools, hands, computer components, and symbols help enrich the final documentation. 

Pictures by PC has also has the latest 3D PDF format integrated into its linked Portable PDF Projects. These PDF projects offer the ability to graphically link all project documentation, such as product photos, rendered images, illustrations, and technical specifications. The project and associated documents can automatically be converted into a single PDF, complete with the ability to navigate the documents using the embedded links.

For more information, visit Schott Systeme.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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