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Schott Systeme Showcases 5-Axis Machining at Fakuma 2008

By DE Editors

Schott Systeme GmbH (Gilching, Germany) teamed up with CNC machine builder i-mes GmbH (Eiterfeld, Germany) to showcase their latest 5-axis simultaneous machining technologies at Europe’s injection molding exhibition, Fakuma 2008.

Demonstrating the abilities of both i-mes’s latest 5-axis GPY gantry milling machine, and Schott Systeme’s Pictures by PC CAD/CAM solution, visitors viewed 5-axis machining of a range of complex freeform models and engravings.

The seamless integration of machine and software promoted the advantages of using a single machining setup for complex parts, in addition to the surface quality improvements gained by being able to mill with shorter cutter lengths.

Schott Systeme also demonstrated its latest 5-axis machining techniques, including Synchronization technology. For a short video preview of machine, visit Schott.

Schott Systeme GmbH says its early offering of Pictures by PC, a design and manufacturing solution, was one of the first vector-based graphics packages for the PC, and the company has continued to develop Pictures by PC into CAD/CAM and technical documentation, as well as offering isyCAM for ISEL and i-mes CNC machine tools.

Schott Systeme has also launched an Interactive CAD/CAM Initiative to demonstrate its integrated Pictures by PC by highlighting special aspects of their software (Engraving and Carving Techniques, Conceptual Design, and Bitmap Vectorization and Smoothing).

For further details, contact Schott Systeme.

For previous DE coverage, see “Schott Systeme Offers Engraving Tools for Mold Makers,” (July 2008).

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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