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Schott Systeme Updates Pictures by PC 3.4

By DE Editors

Schott Systeme has launched an intermediate update for its design and manufacturing software, Pictures by PC 3.4. This update incorporates a number of enhancements in the areas of modeling, machining, and technical documentation.  

Schott Systeme Updates Pictures by PC 3.4

The company has extended the abilities of its existing hybrid solid, surface, and mesh modeling suite. Improvements to the modeler now makes the construction and direct editing of complex freeform features easier, according to the company.

This hybrid suite also sees the introduction of mesh healing to help identify and repair problems in imported stl models. Building on the software’s ability to allow customers to setup and save preferred methods of machining, Pictures by PC also now incorporates a catalogue of ready-made CAM operations that can be quickly applied to a job. Additional machining enhancements include a cutting data calculator to automatically determine the actual tool feed relating to the feed per tooth. 

Pictures by PC is now also supplied with 3D PDF that has been integrated into the software’s linked PDFs, whereby all project documentation can be graphically organized and automatically converted into a single PDF, complete with the ability to navigate the projects links within the PDF. 

For a short overview of the complete software solution, including some of the above features, visit the video demonstration at Schott Systeme’s site.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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