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Scientific Publishing Suite Updated

By DE Editors

MacKichan Software (Poulsbo, WA) has announced Version 5.5 of itsscientific publishing suite of products. Scientific WorkPlace,Scientific Word, and Scientific Notebook, says the company, bring a newcomputational engine, enhanced graphics, and extended LaTeX typesettingcapabilities to your workplace.

With the included MuPAD 3.1 computer algebra engine, you can nowanimate 2D and 3D plots using MuPAD’s VCAM and explore 3D plots withnew OpenGL 3D graphics. Additionally you can label 2D and 3D plots sothat the label moves when you rotate or zoom a plot, and you can create3D implicit plots. These new computational features are fullydocumented in a new edition of Doing Mathematics with ScientificWorkPlace and Scientific Notebook.

Collaboration is easier in Version 5.5, which includes a new filter forimporting documents created directly in LaTeX. As with Version 5.0 ofthe program, you can share your work with a wider audience. You cancreate typeset PDF files with Scientific WorkPlace and Scientific Word,which now include support for pdfTeX. Your PDF files can be viewed onany platform using a PDF viewer, such as Adobe Acrobat. Version 5.5also supports RTF export and improved HTML export.

The addition of many new LaTeX packages extends typesettingcapabilities in Version 5.5. A new edition of Typesetting Documents inScientific WorkPlace and Scientific Word includes extensivetroubleshooting information.

MacKichan Software also distributes MuPAD Pro, developed by SciFace Software GmbH and Co., KG (Paderborn, Germany).

For complete detals on Version 5.5 Scientific WorkPlace,Scientific Word, and Scientific Notebook, click here.

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