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Seapine Launches Unified TestTrack Web Client

By DE Editors

Seapine Software unveiled TestTrack 2014, the latest version of its product development management solution. TestTrack 2014’s new interface integrates the functions of Seapine’s three previous Web clients.

“TestTrack’s new Web interface features full test management and requirements management support, along with enhancements that make finding and updating data easier and more intuitive,” said Rick Riccetti, president and CEO, Seapine Software. “Users can now create, update, manage, and report on all their work items and project artifacts within a unified TestTrack Web client.”

TestTrack 2014 replaces its three previous web clients "TestTrack Pro Web, TestTrack RM Reviewer and TestTrack TCM Test Runner "with a cleaner interface that is optimized for usability, the company says. It features new search filtering capabilities and enhanced options for removing interface elements to increase usable screen real estate.

According to the company, deployment is easier with TestTrack 2014 because it eliminates the need to install desktop clients on multiple computers. The solution also includes new integrated dashboard capabilities for the ALM Reporting Platform. Teams can now easily launch ALM RP dashboards to monitor project progress across an organization.

For more information, visit Seapine Software.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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