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Semperit Selects MSC Marc to Optimize the Development of Elastomeric Products

By DE Editors

Semperit AG Holding has expanded its analysis capabilities with the addition of MSC Software s Marc nonlinear and multiphysics solution, and is converting to the MasterKey Plus license system.

Semperit is active in the international rubber and plastics industry and uses finite element (FE) software to examine material deformations, optimize surfaces and improve the properties of product components. The company produces a variety of different rubber and plastic products, all of which are rigorously tested during product development. The company uses Marc primarily for optimizing component   geometries. Its engineers are especially interested in the maximum stresses and equivalent strains   that occur during product use. Another key motivation for using Marc is the reduction of development costs. In some cases, Marc is used to reduce the use of materials for the product, and to investigate different scenarios including stress states of hydraulic hoses, sealing profile behavior or the component load of conveyor belts.

Marc has helped us develop a deeper understanding for our products, said Stephan Reinthaler, engineer in the Central Process Engineering and Product Testing department at Semperit. We are now capable of simulating component behavior under real-life conditions. Over the last several   years, MSC Software has further developed the ability to simulate contact between deformable bodies and between deformable and rigid bodies. This has significantly improved the convergence and analysis speed of our complex models.

For more information, visit MSC Software.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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