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Sensors Mean Mini Helicopter Camera is Always Ready for Your Close-up

Narcissus was so in love with his reflection on the face of the water that he died staring at himself. That was before YouTube. Now people can stare at themselves all day long on a variety of devices, while still getting something to eat. The only problem with setting up a continuous video stream is finding someone willing to follow you around with a camera.

The MeCam from Always Innovating is the solution to your lack of a cameraman. For a projected price of just $49 you can buy the fist-sized mini helicopter with integrated camera. Not only is the MeCam small enough to be mainly unobtrusive, it also follows voice commands such as, “follow me,” so you don’t need to fiddle with a remote control. Film yourself while driving! Maybe not.

Always Innovating's MeCam

The MeCam can record meetings and other important events without a cameraman. Courtesy of Always Innovating.

The MeCam is stabilized, ensuring you don’t end up with that amateur shaky cam look, and comes equipped with 14 different sensors for obstacle avoidance. Captured data is streamed to Android and iOS devices. Always Innovating is currently seeking manufacturers to license the product, so don’t expect to become your own reality TV star before 2014.

Below you’ll find a video about MeCam.

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