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Server-caliber Computer Doubles as a Mobile Workstation

By Margaret S. Gurney

The EUROCOM D901C PHANTOM-X Mobile Server from Eurocom (Nepean, ON) is powered by Intel’s newest line of Quad Core Xeon processors, qualifying it as a super mobile workstation and a mobile server.

With an Intel Q9650 Quad Core or Xeon X3370 processor, a one-gigabyte (GB) NVIDIA Quadro FX3700, and 1.5 terabytes (TB) (3 x 500GB) of storage with three physical SATA-300 hard drives (3Gbps) and RAID 0/1/5, Eurocom calls the EUROCOM D901C PHANTOM-X Mobile Server “the world’s first server-class notebook.”

Notebook & Server in One
The EUROCOM Mobile Server can reduce the time and cost of deploying short-term LAN-based solutions and can extend usage of existing applications to users wherever it is required.

"This is one extremely fast notebook that offers server on-the-go capabilities.”
— Mark Bialic, Eurocom, president

EUROCOM PHANTOM-X’s ($2454) Intel Xeon Quad Core X3370 processor runs at 3.0GHz with 12MB of L2 cache. It’s complemented by a built-in UPS, an onboard Gigabit Ethernet port, an integrated 17-in. LCD, and 102-key keyboard.

"It’s a server-caliber computer complete with uninterrupted power supply in a 12-pound notebook form factor," said Mark Bialic, President of Eurocom. "This is one extremely fast notebook that offers server on-the-go capabilities.”

Multitasking Capability
Offering the server-class processor and up to 8GB of DDR2-800 memory, the D900C PHANTOM-X’s 1.5TB with RAID 0/1/5 makes it “the perfect mobile server laptop for users who demand extra-large capacity storage and reliability for true portable server experience,” according to the company.

Driving the EUROCOM PHANTOM-X system is Intel Quad Core, the newest 95W X3360 Xeon 1333MHz front-side bus processor, which, says the company, delivers “exceptional” multitasking and multithreaded performance. It also supports the newest line of Intel FSB1333 Core 2 Duo processors E6x50 series. Up to 8GB of DDR2-800 memory is supported.

The PHANTOM-X measures 15.8 x 11.9. x 2.05 in. and weighs less than 12 lbs. Users are offered RAID 0, 1, or 5 configuration options to meet their transfer rates, application load times, or redundancy requirements.

EUROCOM Mobile Server
Additional advanced technology in EUROCOM mobile servers includes high-performance upgradeable 64-bit Dual or Quad core Intel Xeon processors, fully 64-bit compliant hardware, and high-capacity optical re-writable Blu-ray drive storage.

The system’s multiple I/O ports include 1Gb Ethernet LAN, four USB 2.0, FireWire, serial and parallel ports, and CRT and DVI-D for two external displays. Optional second Gigabit Ethernet is available via PC Express slot.

Built-in wireless LAN 802.11a/g/n and Bluetooth 2.0 provide communications, and either Windows XP Pro 64 or Vista 64-bit; Linux or Server 2008 server as operating systems.

Upgradeability & Customization
EUROCOM mobile servers are built on a customized basis so that users can select the individual configurations they require. All EUROCOM mobile servers are fully upgradeable including hard drive, memory, optical drives, processors, and graphics.

For details about the EUROCOM D90xC PHANTOM-X, go to Eurocom’s web page.

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Margaret S. Gurney is the editor for new products at Desktop Engineering magazine.

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