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Server Software Achieves Certified Integration Status

By DE Editors

September 5, 2007 — Right Hemisphere’s (Fremont, CA) Deep Server 4.1 enterprise software has achieved SAP Certified Integration status with the SAP (Germany) Product Lifecycle Management (SAP PLM) Release 4.7, a move that will unite visual engineering information and textural business data for manufacturers.

This integration allows Deep Server, which supports more than 130 2D and 3D formats, to extract and receive computer-aided design (CAD) bill of materials (BOM) structures and CAD geometry files stored in SAP PLM application-based systems.

After extracting product data from SAP PLM, Deep Server can generate lightweight 3D product models, combine those models with associated SAP ERP application-based product data, generate graphic derivatives and collaborative 3D documents, and import all of those files and documents back into SAP PLM. The imported data will also be associated with the parent CAD data records (document information records).

SAP PLM is part of the SAP Business Suite family of business applications, allowing the seamless integration of all relevant business information into the product development process. The solution provides a single source of all product-related information needed for collaborating with business partners and supports strategic product planning, product development and compliance with regulations.

For details, contact Right Hemisphere or SAP AG (Germany).

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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