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Sescoi Releases Version 3 of WorkPLAN Enterprise and MyWorkPLAN

By DE Editors

Sescoi is has released Version 3 of its custom manufacturing solutions, WorkPLAN Enterprise for full enterprise resource planning (ERP) and MyWorkPLAN for efficient job management. Version 3 brings new integration options and numerous additional capabilities.

The openness and interoperability now provided by WorkPLAN Enterprise V3 and MyWorkPLAN V3 will enable users to control costs and prepare more accurate quotations and make the best use of the expertise within their companies.

Integration options start with Sescoi’s own software systems. Already able to link to the WorkNC automatic CAM system to determine project part machining times, the V3 solutions can now also interface with WorkXPlore 3D, Sescoi’s collaborative viewer for advanced CAD file analysis and sharing. Combined, these systems facilitate collaborative and concurrent working for shorter lead times and higher efficiency.

Links to third-party software have been extended, and both systems will offer an optional interface to advanced planning and scheduling (APS) systems, including those offered by Preactor and Ortems. For toolrooms or manufacturing departments within larger companies, optional interfaces with other ERP systems are available and the new V3 release will be SAP certified.

Quality control capabilities, standard in WorkPLAN Enterprise and an optional module in MyWorkPLAN, have been enhanced in the V3 solutions to include the monitoring of scheduled maintenance and recalibration of inspection and measuring equipment.

Sescoi has also enabled remote database access. This option allows managers to check job status and performance of one or several sites where the software is installed. Version 3 also includes a pack of more than 60 standard reports that can be easily customized by the customer should you require further information.

For more information, visit Sescoi.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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