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Share Inspection Results Enterprise-Wide

By DE Editors

Geomagic Review from Raindrop Geomagic(Research Triangle Park, NC) lets you share inspection resultsthroughout the enterprise. This free application, which works withGeomagic Qualify inspection and analysis software, also includescollaboration tools that improve communication between inspection anddesign engineers, minimizing the number of design and process changes.

Geomagic Review lets you share inspection results and analysisgenerated by Geomagic Qualify, including GDandT analysis and 2D/3Dcomparisons. Users can manipulate views; select and delete points,curves, and polygons; review analyses; create new annotations and 2Ddimensions; measure distances; and create new reports. Because GeomagicReview lets you share graphical information among engineers indifferent physical locations, it can help reduce the time it takes tofix a problem detected during computer-aided inspection.

To download Geomagic Review from Raindrop Geomagic’s web site, click here.

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