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Siber Systems Releases GoodSync 9

By DE Editors

Siber Systems has released GoodSync 9, its backup and synchronization product that allows users to directly connect two or more computers to achieve synchronization without accessing cloud-based services. According to the company, this enables faster downloads and secure file transfer while eliminating online data storage costs.

After installing GoodSync 9 and setting up a unique user ID and password, users can connect multiple computers and devices through their GoodSync Connect account. This allows users to take advantage of a peer-to-peer. User data does not transfer through GoodSync Connect and is not saved within the system.

“GoodSync 9 is a game-changer,” said Bill Carey, vice president of marketing for Siber Systems. “Cloud-based services are really popular right now, but we looked at performance issues such as download and upload time, cost and security and created a better way. GoodSync 9 delivers a superior user experience.”

Data transmission occurs via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology over an encrypted connection, which safeguards information. Users can sync unlimited data with GoodSync Connect, and GoodSync 9 users are not subject to storage or additional licensing costs since their data does not reside in the cloud.

Companies that already use cloud-based services can also use the system, since it syncs with external cloud-based services such as Amazon S3, Google Docs, Windows Azure, Amazon Cloud Drive and SkyDrive.

The new release includes GoodSync Explorer, which allows users to view and upload or download files between computers. Users can use GoodSync Explorer to publish and maintain websites, transfer images, documents, movie and music files, as well as share files with others.

For more information, visit Siber Systems.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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