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Siemens PLM Software Delivers Parasolid V19.1

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The latest in Siemens PLM Software’s (Plano, TX) offerings to help application developers produce models in less time is Parasolid Version 19.1 (V19.1), PLM geometric modeling component software that now leverages the power of 64-bit technology.

Based on high-precision boundary-representation (Brep) technology, Parasolid supports solid modeling, generalized cellular modeling, and freeform surface/sheet modeling within an integrated framework. And this release of Parasolid in particular is focused on support for workflow operations so productivity gains can be realized in complex design and manufacturing processes, according to Siemens PLM Software.

V19.1’s digital 3D modeling enhancements reflect recent requests by application developers who regularly use Parasolid — plus it offers new functions that are said to result in “high-integrity models being produced in significantly less time,” according to the company. In addition, V19.1 is the first release to provide support for Apple’s 64-bit Mac OS X Leopard.

“We feel an obligation to our customers to continue to set the standards for quality and functionality in the industry."
— Bruce Feldt, VP, Open Tools, Siemens PLM Software

Bruce Feldt, vice president, Open Tools for Siemens PLM Software, says that “Parasolid V19.1 continues to push forward the capabilities of solid modeling in order to support applications that enable engineers and designers to express their design intent and creativity through intuitive processes.”

Parasolid v19.1 enables users to perform hollow operations on a selected portion of a model, which gives applications greater flexibility and speed when editing large, complex models, says the company. Plus, users of Parasolid V19.1 can generate a surface from a sparse set of points and normal vectors — a fast and powerful design tool in the context of existing geometry.

V19.1 also offers new functionality for the automatic detection and repair of self-intersecting geometry to permit advanced sequences of operations to be completed without intervention from the application or end-user.

Parasolid provides CAD software vendors with modeling techniques out-of-the-box to create the most complex product definitions — whether functional or aesthetic.

V19.1 builds on Parasolid V19.0, which extended support for modeling, editing, blending, and rendering functions; it also helped address demanding 3D applications for sheet extension and trimming, blend construction and regeneration, and surface and tessellation quality. Thus, users of Parasolid-based systems are accustomed to accessing automation of workflows in model construction, editing, interoperability, and downstream processing.

V19.0 also offered Parasolid Workshop.Net, a developer support tool that included utilities for viewing and interrogating Parasolid model (XT) data, and provided a plug-in for prototyping Parasolid-based functionality.

The company says Parasolid, a key software product in the PLM Components suite of solutions, provides the geometric modeling foundation for computer-aided design, manufacturing and engineering analysis (CAD/CAM/CAE) applications. More than 750 functions in Parasolid have offered model creation and editing utilities such as Boolean modeling operators, feature modeling support, advanced surfacing, thickening and hollowing, blending and filleting, and sheet modeling — as well as direct model editing tools including tapering, offsetting, geometry replacement, and removal of feature details with automated regeneration of surrounding data.

"As the developer and supplier of the world’s leading and most respected 3D component modeling software,” adds Feldt, “we feel an obligation to our customers to continue to set the standards for quality and functionality in the industry."

Furthermore, Parasolid serves as the corporate standard for Siemens PLM Software’s own portfolio of product lifecycle applications, providing 3D digital representation capabilities for the company’s NX, Solid Edge, Femap, and Teamcenter solutions.

Siemens PLM Software licenses Parasolid to independent software vendors and end-user organizations seeking a consistent 3D modeling platform for PLM, and those numbers are in the millions. In fact, referring to Parasolid’s 2.5 million end users, Feldt claims that "Parasolid is the solution of choice for most of the world’s leading CAD, CAM and CAE applications."

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