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Siemens Puts Forth Valor IoT Manufacturing Analytics and MindSphere

Siemens announces the Valor IoT Manufacturing Analytics product, a new comprehensive big data and business intelligence platform that monitors and manages global electronics manufacturing operations for accurate, real-time manufacturing utilization and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). This new solution is powered by MindSphere. By collecting and managing rich data sources from Valor shop-floor modules, the product provides visibility into all shop floor equipment, materials management, product quality, traceability and supply-chain operations globally for supply-chain performance.

This new product is an extension of the Valor Manufacturing Solution, a scalable and secure plug-and-play IoT device and data acquisition product for electronics manufacturing. 

“Our Valor plug-and-play IoT device and data acquisition tool for electronics manufacturing has evolved to today’s new IoTManufacturing Analytics solution, which aligns with Siemens’ commitment to developing innovative technologies for factory automation,” states Dan Hoz, general manager of the Valor Division of Mentor, a Siemens business.  

This open and scalable Valor solution captures and explores complete materials, quality and process traceability data for printed circuit boards (PCB) and assemblies, measuring and analyzing how resources are used with real-time work-in-progress tracking and optimum efficiency. It manages data from all manufacturing sites and production lines, including machine performance analysis and use. PCB manufacturing executives, line managers, and manufacturing engineers can now realize design-to-manufacturing efficiency for their customers’ work orders by detecting factors that affect yield and identifying areas for improvements.

“Smart capture and utilization of technical data is essential for enabling analysis of manufacturing floor processes,” reports Laurie Balch, chief analyst at Gary Smith EDA. “Manufacturing teams have found it incredibly challenging to obtain the critical data they need. Providing solutions to streamline and simplify that process, as with the Valor IoT Manufacturing Analytics solution, is crucial to improving their data analysis capabilities and empowering their decision making.” 

MindSphere, Siemens’ open cloud-based internet of things (IoT) operating system provides the ability to develop industrial IoT solutions on a shorter timeline for customers across many industries. MindSphere delivers a range of device and enterprise application connectivity protocol options, industry applications, advanced analytics and a development environment that uses Siemens’ open Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) capabilities along with access to native cloud services. Valor IoT Manufacturing Analytics powered by MindSphere provides a holistic set of IoT solutions and services matching customer requirements.

The introduction of this technology helps expand Siemens’ manufacturing digital enterprise. The new Valor IoT Manufacturing Analytics solution is the next step in the future vision for Siemens’ digital enterprise for electronic engineering, with a goal to enable a seamless connection between the electronic and mechanical flows, with real-time updates between each discipline.

“We look forward to a clear vision of one integrated solution for the entire manufacturing process and production system,” says Zvi Feuer, senior vice president of Manufacturing Engineering Software for Siemens PLM Software. “By closing the loop between manufacturing and design, customers will be able to use advanced analytics to help turn vast amounts of data into clear and useful insights, enabling key improvements in the areas of preventative maintenance and inventory turnover optimization.”

For more info, visit Mentor and Siemens.  

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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