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Smart Thermostat Gets Smarter

It’s January, and you’ve got your thermostat set to help fight off the cold. Then you start cooking a four-course meal in the kitchen, and the combination of the furnace and your oven have you peeling off your cardigan and wiping sweat from your brow. What to do? How about installing a smart thermostat sensor that can adjust the temperature based on the room you happen to be standing in? Allure Energy has expanded its “smart home” technology to include a sensor that combines near field communication (NFC) for Android devices and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for Apple’s iBeacon Technology in a single form factor.

The new Aura sensor is part of the company’s EverSense solution, which is built around a wireless touchscreen thermostat. Using a mobile app, the proximity control system manages a home’s temperature and energy use based on how close to the residence each homeowner is. As they get closer to the house (for example, while nearing the end of their commute) the heating and cooling system will adjust to predetermined settings.

The Auro sensor can detect the temperature in an individual room, and alert the system to make adjustments on a room-by-room basis, according to the user’s location in the house. Since it supports both Android and Apple communication systems, you can use it with just about any smartphone.

If you want some musical accompaniment for your now temperature-sensitive home, the EverSense unit can also stream music from your phone, too.

Source: Allure Energy

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