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SmartVoice in ZWCAD+ 2014

ZWCAD Design has integrated a new annotation technology, SmartVoice, into ZWCAD+ 2014. It allows users to easily save voice information as an entity in their drawing rather than traditional text.

According to the company, SmartVoice makes onsite review more efficient by allowing users to add annotations through vocal message. Simply by talking to the drawing, project reviewers can freely add comments at anytime encountering a fault in the construction site. Using SmartVoice, every saved message will be displayed as a microphone icon, even with the longest comments never taking up more than an icon’s space, and as a result designers can add annotations without cluttering the drawings.

“Many designers have got used to make annotations in the traditional way just because the majority is doing the same,” said Daniel Huang, product manager of ZWCAD+. “While we find there is still room to improve the annotation efficiency after ZWCAD+ 2014’s debut for nearly a month, SmartVoice has proven to be a powerful tool for fast and efficient annotation.”

For more information, visit ZWCAD Design.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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