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SME-Tooling U Launches Knowledge Edge

Tooling USME has released Knowledge Edge, an online resource with industry-validated content and information that was created via the development and content migration of SME’s manufacturing resources to a digital format.

Knowledge Edge features more than 1,200 e-books and chapters, 700 videos and video clips, and 16,000 technical papers. It also makes available a Manufacturing Knowledge Base Wiki, with more than 10,000 entries, peer-reviewed by subject matter experts, bringing online SME’s nine-volume Tool & Manufacturing Engineers Handbook.

“While Web searches yield a wealth of information, there is little standard as to what’s posted and what can be trusted,” said Jeannine Kunz, SME, director, professional development. “Knowledge Edge relies on SME members, longstanding industry professionals and SME’s trusted manufacturer customer base to provide a reliable source of manufacturing information online.

“Knowledge Edge was borne out of SME’s 80-year tradition of accumulating, validating and sharing vital manufacturing knowledge,” added Kunz. “This represents the latest evolution in learning and development for manufacturing and academia and includes all the benefits of self-paced learning.”

For more information, visit Tooling U and SME.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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