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Softcover Releases Scan2CAD Version 8

By DE Editors

Softcover has announced Version 8 of Scan2CAD, its raster to vector converter that now integrates near-instant automatic conversions of vector PDF files into a DXF file format suitable for editing in AutoCAD and or any compatible PC CAD, CNC or GIS program.

New Scan2CAD v8 combines both PDF to CAD and raster to vector conversion in one program. It allows AEC, CAD, CNC and GIS users to convert a range of PDF files, including single and multi-page raster, vector and hybrid (raster and vector), as well as scanned raster images of technical drawings, site plans, contour maps, schematics and shape outlines, etc. New licensing options allow users to run Scan2CAD on more than one PC and to share it with colleagues via a USB stick, floating network or fixed network license, all at no extra cost.

"When a CAD user receives a PDF file, they seldom know what type of PDF they are getting until they try to open it. Is it raster or vector? Most converters will do one or the other but not both. If you’ve got the wrong type of PDF file for your converter, you’re stuck," says Steve Hannath, Softcover’s marketing director. "It makes sense to purchase a solution that provides a two-in-one conversion capability. As almost all PDF converters focus on vector PDF conversion, the quality of their raster to vector conversion is generally very poor, a check-box feature at best. CAD users wanting to invest in a PDF to CAD converter should buy one that is based on a proven raster to vector converter."

A fully working 14-day trial of Scan2CAD v8 Pro can be downloaded from: Softcover’s Scan2CAD page.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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